Strabismus (Eye Turns)

Patient 1: JS, 10 year old female. Her eyes drift outward alternately. Is also nearsighted and also wearing orthokeratology overnight lenses to see clearly. Also has a tendency to skip over small words when reading and ignores many details. When doing math problems she frequently misaligns numbers.

Exam results:

  • When aware of both eyes, eyes align outward by 10 angular units in the distance.
  • When unaware of both eyes, left eye deviates outward by 25 angular units

After 50 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Eye alignment: 3 units outward in the distance (normal is 0­-3)
  • Left eye no longer drifts out when tired.
  • Has learned to slow down a bit during reading but with much better recall of details.
  • No longer makes alignment and positioning errors when doing math assignments.

Patient 2: AP, 9 year old male. Came to our office concerned about outward turning eye which is cosmetically unappealing.

Exam results:

  • Mildly nearsighted in both eyes with astigmatism
  • Left eye drifts out by 22 units in the distance, 37 units at near
  • No sense of depth perception on stereo test

After 43 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Left eye no longer drifts out when tired
  • Now has normal depth perception.
  • Also reports that it is now easier to concentrate while reading.

Patient 3: JM, 13 year old female. Has concerns about slow reading in addition to the left eye drifting outward when looking in the distance.

Exam results:

  • Left eye drifts out in the distance by 25 units
  • No stereo vision in the distance due to suppression of left eye
  • Able to fuse normally at near but loses concentration when reading.

After 50 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Distance vision now normalized and able to see depth
  • Reading now requires less effort.
  • During therapy we discovered that her visual memory and visualization skills were deficient. She plans to return for additional therapy to work on these skills, which will further improve her reading speed.

Patient 4: OC, 9 year old female. Her right eye constantly turns inward. Had been patching under recommendations through Kaiser with no improvement for the past 6 years. Has tendency to run into things, skips over words when reading, and unable to see 3D..

Exam results:

  • Right eye turns in by 15­-20 angular units
  • Moderately far­sighted in both eyes
  • Right eye has difficulty seeing 20/20

After 65 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Right eye is almost completely straight in the distance (see photo)
  • Far­sightedness in both eyes has disappeared
  • Now able to perceive 3D on stereo pictures!
  • No longer skips over words or runs into her surroundings!

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