We are San Jose Vision Therapy, specializing in vision problems affecting children’s development.
Undetected vision problems may be responsible for poor academic performance, particularly poor reading comprehension, poor spelling, and sloppy handwriting.
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Eye teaming problems may be responsible for your child’s eyes becoming more nearsighted. Find out how we can help.
Does your child have an eye turn or lazy eye? We have successfully treated many patients without invasive surgery!

Welcome to San Jose Vision Therapy!

Our doctor, Dr. Benny Shao, is a board certified developmental optometrist specializing in vision therapy and works at multiple locations in the San Jose Bay Area. His specialty is in treating binocular vision problems that impact visual changes and visual performance. When an individual has trouble using their eyes together as a team, several things can happen:

These functional vision problems are often undetected in routine vision screenings and even in general optometric exams. At San Jose Vision Therapy, we are passionate about delivering life changing treatments and enhancements to our patients’ vision, young and old alike. Our specialty is in vision therapy, a form of eye training that uses various tools and equipment to give the patient biofeedback on how their eyes are aligned or focused. If you suspect that you or your child suffers from any of these disorders, contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Shao.

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Our Advantages

Our patients undergo vision therapy with constant doctor supervision.

We serve our patients in multiple locations in the Bay Area.

We have enough experience to know how long treatment will take.