Myopia Control

Patient 1: YS, 13 year old male. Mother was concerned about his eyesight deteriorating year after year. Just recently got new glasses which were much stronger than his old ones.

Exam results:

  • Needs ­-2.75 in both eyes to see 20/20 but other testing reveals that he should be capable of seeing 20/20 with significantly less power
  • Has a focusing spasm in both eyes causing additional blurring
  • Has convergence insufficiency (difficulty pulling the eyes together as a team)

After 22 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Convergence skills significantly improved
  • Spasm completely dissipated in both eyes
  • Now able to see 20/20 with -­­1.50 in the right eye, and ­-2.00 in the left eye. New glasses were prescribed in the lower power.

Patient 2: AJ, 15 year old male. Referred to us by his doctor due to his rapidly worsening eyesight.

Examination results:

  • Right eye prescription was ­-10.25­0.75x165
  • Left eye was -­9.50­1.25x170
  • Autofocus skills were very deficient-­­poor range and flexibility

After 27 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Right eye prescription drops to -9.75­-0.75x165
  • Left eye down to ­-9.25­1.25x170
  • Autofocusing skills completely normalized.
  • For the first time in 9 years he has gone for a whole year without his eyesight worsening.

Patient 3: KM, 10 year old male. Was recently diagnosed with myopia at ­-1.25 in both eyes. Mother wanted to see if we could help reverse it.

Examination results:

  • Eyesight without glasses: 20/50 in both eyes
  • Focus relaxation at 60% of normal
  • Has focusing spasm in both eyes
  • Found that he could see 20/20 with -­0.50 in the right eye and ­-0.75 in the left eye
  • Gave a prescription of ­-0.50 for both eyes instead of the -­1.25 glasses

After 16 vision therapy visits:

  • Eyesight without glasses: 20/25
  • Patient reports much less reliance on glasses and better clarity in class
  • Focusing spasm has dissipated in both eyes
  • Focusing flexibility completely normalized.

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