Performance Based Vision Testing

Everyone knows Eye and vision problems have a huge impact on a child's ability to learn in a classroom environment. If your child can't see clearly or stay focused then their ability to stay on task and learn is severely diminished. Parent's of children who have trouble focusing in he classroom may have already taken their child to see an eye doctor for a vision test. In this scenario the child may have passed a standard clear vision check or even several of them, but no other reasons for he child's inability to stay on task can be found. Being able to clearly identify some letters on a board though is far less stressful on the eye than following and understanding the small characters in a book, a blackboard, or on a tv or computer screen.


Some children may go for years with an apparent clean bill of vision, but in fact are suffering from severe vision problems that are easily missed by instant testing. In their book Buzzards to Bluebirds Allen and Virginia crane propose the idea of performance based testing. What is performance based testing? Basically, it's a Functional or Developmental Vision exam.


Processing speed and accuracy: Reading words, sentences and numbers quickly and accurately
Selective concentration: Staying on a visual task, even with distractions present
Visual memory: Accurately remembering what is seen
Letter reversals: Confusing letters such as b, d, p and q.
Visual-motor integration and speed: Eye-hand coordination and speed
Visualization: Creating a mental picture in the mind that is used to solve a problem


If your child is having problems focusing at school, but have no obvious vision problems Function or Developmental vision testing might be able to find the solution. Contact us today to find out more. (408) 837-7380


Benny Shao, O.D., FCOVD


Posted by Benny Shao