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Dr. Benny will be doing a vision screening in Kids'N Fun Festival

Saturday, August 13 at 10 AM - 6 PM

Kids'N Fun Festival is a multi-cultural festival dedicated exclusively to children of all ages with activities, games, performance, and international delicacies. As one of the largest kids events in the San Francisco Bay Area, come experience and appreciate ethnic heritages of different cultures and enjoy a memorable Kids'N Fun Festival.

This summer, we especially invite many performer groups from oversea, and also have multi-cultural activities as an International Village. Several different country already participate this event including 台灣, इंडिया, Méjico, Jamaica, Việt Nam, Iningizimu Afrika, Україна.

Besides, there will be a lot of different kid's activities like drone, painting, and singing in the field and canopy all over the park. For our kids, with their fun. Come to enjoy the wonderful event.

In dining, several food trucks already join our events like MADD mex Cantina, Swiftly Sweets, Curveball and Curry up now ...etc. You can enjoy lots delicious food during the event. Of course, we also introduce several traditional Taiwanese foods like red bean cake or Shaking Ice ...etc.

As you know, there are lots PokeStops in the Cupertino Memorial Park. We will throw down Lure Module for all PokeStops during the event running. Don't worry about the power. There will be charging station on the site.

Now, get the free Raffle Ticket, come to the event in 8/13, enjoy the free show and game, play the Pokemon Go in the park and have a wonderful day during the event.

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Dear Teachers / Educators,

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Poor reading comprehension?


Poor spelling?


Can’t catch a ball?


Loses place when reading?


Doesn’t recognize words that had just been learned?


Takes forever to do homework?


Falls asleep when reading?


High SAT Math, LOW ENGLISH scores?


Rubs eyes frequently when reading?


These problems are often due to an undiagnosed vision problem!

Come find out how YOU can help YOUR students achieve their academic goals by learning how to identify the presence of vision problems!


Dr. Benny Shao, a developmental optometrist, will be conducting a NO CHARGE workshop for teachers/educators on how these vision problems affect reading, and how you can be a more effective educator by recognizing the signs!


Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm on Monday, August 1, 2016 Location: 7246 Sharon Dr., Suite N, San Jose, CA 95129


Please call us at (408) 887-8915 or email us at to RSVP for this event!

Hello everyone, next Monday, June 27 I am planning to have a parent/teacher workshop to educate the community about how undiagnosed vision problems affect reading, learning, and concentration. Below is our flyer. We sincerely hope that everyone who works with children or has kids who has not heard about vision therapy come and attend our workshop!

VT flyer 6-20-20160001

One of the greatest joys in our practice is seeing our patients improve in their abilities, confidence, and especially their scores in school! Our patient Edmund recently told us that he used to run out of time when taking his AP English tests and his SAT test but now has time to spare! We're so proud of you Edmund!

Edmund Wang testimonial