Learning Difficulties

Patient 1: LF, 39 year old male. Extremely slow reader ever since childhood, took 15 years to get his bachelor’s degree. He heard about vision therapy and wanted to see if it could improve his reading.

Exam results:

  • nearsighted in both eyes with small amounts of astigmatism
  • mild convergence insufficiency (poor ability to pull the eyes inward)
  • dramatically reduced visual memory skills (3rd grade level only)

Treatment during 35 sessions of vision therapy:

  • improved eye coordination skills
  • trained visual memory and visualization skills back to normal
  • After therapy, LF attended a GMAT study course and found that he was now able to surpass his peers in reading speed!

Patient 2: OB, a 13 year old female. Very bright student and getting As in class but needed to take an extra long time to read and it caused rapid fatigue.

Exam results:

  • Normal eyesight in both eyes (20/20)
  • Eyes pull together too much when reading (convergence excess)
  • Current reading speed: 97 words/minute with 80% comprehension level at grade level

After 22 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Eyes easily stay aligned while reading
  • Reading speed now at 230 words/minute with 90-­100% comprehension!
  • OB’s reading speed has more than doubled and no longer complains of fatigue!
  • 5 months after therapy was complete, OB's mother called us just to let us know how happy she was to hear her daughter reading aloud fluidly!

Patient 3: AM, 11 year old female. Came to our office hoping to control her rapidly worsening nearsightedness..

Exam results:

  • Moderately high nearsightedness in both eyes)
  • Eyes pull together too much when reading (convergence excess)
  • Discovered that she can read reasonably well but is terrible at spelling and tires very easily when reading!

Goals: arrest the progression of myopia and improve eye alignment to make small details easier to remember so that spelling can be improved. After 30 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Prescription in one eye was reduced by 0.50 D (improved!) and has been stable for past year.
  • Spelling scores improved from 50% to 80-­90%!
  • No longer fatigues while reading!

Patient 4: BN, 6 year old male. Parents are concerned that his handwriting is very messy and spacing is very uneven. He uses his finger at the end of each word to determine the spacing for the next word. Also has difficulty paying attention and maintaining eye contact.

Exam results:

  • Sees 20/20 in both eyes (normal eyesight)
  • Normal eye alignment in the distance but unable to turn eyes inward at near (convergence insufficiency)
After 60 sessions of therapy:

  • Eyes are now able to pull together at near!
  • Handwriting dramatically improved!
  • Attention and eye contact now normal!
  • 1 month after therapy ended, BN was selected as student of the month at his school! His father sent us a photo of the school assembly where he received his award!

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