Patient 1: CG, 6 year old male. Mom just found out that he had amblyopia in both eyes and wants to see if we could quickly treat it and get him to normal.

Exam results:

  • Highly farsighted in both eyes with astigmatism
  • Both eyes see 20/100 only (5 times the letter size of 20/20)
  • Very unstable focusing and tracking skills in both eyes

After 30 sessions of vision therapy and provided new glasses:

  • Normalized depth perception
  • 20/20 in the right eye
  • 20/25 in the left eye

Patient 2: DM, 4 year old male. Amblyopia was discovered during a vision screening at his preschool. Mother wanted to get him to adequately use both eyes.

Exam results:

  • Very farsighted in both eyes, right eye more so than left eye
  • Right eye sees 20/40 at best
  • No depth perception on stereo testing because the right eye is being ignored
  • Right eye turns inward slightly

After 32 vision therapy sessions:

  • Right eye vision improved to 20/25
  • Eyes are now aligned in the distance
  • Depth perception normalized
  • No longer suppresses visual information coming through the right eye

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